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In recent weeks, we have received several inquiries regarding BeadSmith® branded FireLine®. There are apparently some misconceptions and misinformation which are being circulated through via word-of-mouth and social media which we would like to address. We believe these rumors began as a result of a defective, improperly fused batch of FireLine® Crystal that was manufactured over 18 months ago. Most of the rolls from this batch have been either refunded or replaced.

One of the most important points to address is that FireLine® is not biodegradable. FireLine®has always been made with Dyneema® which is considered to be the world’s strongest fiber. Dyneema® is a primary component in items such as: personal armor (vests, shields, and helmets); cut-resistant gloves; and sails & riggings.

The following are some of the questions that have been posed to us along with our responses:

Is FireLine® still braided?
The FireLine® manufacturing process has not changed. FireLine® is braided and then fused to make it thin and strong with a smooth finish.

Does BeadSmith® make or own its own version of FireLine®?
No, BeadSmith® distributes the original FireLine® that is manufactured for the fishing industry. The formula and manufacturing process has not changed

Does the EPA have biodegradable standards for fishing line?
No, according to The manufacturer of FireLine® there are no EPA standards that they are aware of.

Is BeadSmith® FireLine® the same as the FireLine® that I can find in the fishing department?
Yes and no. There are multiple varieties of FireLine® sold in the fishing industry. We only sell the original FireLine® which is braided and fused.

BeadSmith® is proud to make FireLine® available to jewelry-making world. We stand behind every spool of FireLine® that we sell. If you or one of your customers have a problem with fraying or breakage of FireLine®, please contact our customer service team via telephone (732-969-5300) or email In order for us to help, you will need to provide the following: color, size, and lot number. This information is printed on the front of every FireLine® spool.

Our selection of FireLine® includes the following options:

Item Number Lb. Strength Color Diameter
FL04CR125 4 Lb Fireline Crystal .005"/.12mm
125 Yards
FL04CR50 4 Lb Fireline Crystal .005"/.12mm
50 Yards
FL04SG125 4 Lb Fireline Smoke Grey .005"/.12mm
125 Yards
FL04SG50 4 Lb Fireline Smoke Grey .005"/.12mm
50 Yards
FL06CR125 6 Lb Fireline Crystal .006"/.15mm
125 Yards
FL06CR50 6 Lb Fireline Crystal .006"/.15mm
50 Yards
FL06SG125 6 Lb Fireline Smoke Grey .006"/.15mm
125 Yards
FL06SG50 6 Lb Fireline Smoke Grey .006"/.15mm
50 Yards
FL08CR125 8 Lb Fireline Crystal .007"/.17mm
125 Yards
FL08CR50 8 Lb Fireline Crystal .007"/.17mm
50 Yards
FL08SG50 8 Lb Fireline Smoke Grey .007"/.17mm
50 Yards
FL11CR125 10 Lb Fireline Crystal .008"/.20mm
125 Yards
FL11CR50 10 Lb Fireline Crystal .008"/.20mm
50 Yards
FL11SG50 10 Lb Fireline Smoke Grey .008"/.20mm
50 Yards

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